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Clean Water Fund

Contributing to a fund might feel like just a drop in the bucket. Yet this is one of our most-needed gifts! Nothing is possible without hydration and health. The Clean Water Fund offers both.

Through the Clean Water Fund, you partner with many families – not just one. You help build lasting legacies like pipelines, pumps and hand washing stations. You free children from the unrelenting task of hauling water long distances. You protect them from deadly waterborne illness. Open the floodgates, and let change flow!

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Pouring out life, health and justice

They only want a drink of water. Yet around the world, millions of children engage in risky behavior every time they dip their jugs. They risk contracting deadly waterborne illness, like cholera and typhoid fever, because their water sources are swimming with harmful bacteria.

That’s why the Clean Water Fund is so critical – especially right now. Around the world, changing weather patterns have meant reduced rainfall in many regions. People are left to get by with compromised water supplies.  Children drink from streams and ponds shared with animals, who defecate where they stand.

Access to clean water is a universal human right. No one deserves to risk their lives every time they take a drink. The Clean Water Fund helps right this wrong -- delivering life, health and justice.  

Even in the world’s most arid regions, good water often can be found. . Wells, pumps and water pipelines can deliver safe water into the hands of thousands. Give to the Clean Water Fund, and help connect children with that source. 

In Ethiopia, World Vision has been extending existing water pipelines to reach vulnerable people in 10 health institutions, and children in three large schools. Hawas Primary School is one of them.

The Clean Water Fund means health, hydration and freedom.

“We used to drink unclean water from rivers. It brought waterborne diseases,” said the school’s director. Students of all ages, even the youngest, had to leave the playground in search of water. They sacrificed large portions of their learning days, risking illness like typhoid fever.

The Clean Water Fund can bring cold, clean, life-sustaining water within reach of thousands of children. It’s a powerful way to honour someone in your life, while offering health and justice to children.


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